Bepanah Drama

Bepanah revolves round Aditya Hooda and Zoya Siddiqui, people added collectively thru their spouses’ betrayal. Zoya and Yash are a married couple. Aditya Hooda, a pilot, and Pooja, an artist, are another married couple.

Aditya and Zoya learn that their partners have been determined useless together in a avenue coincidence and realise that Yash and Pooja were having an affair. although Zoya doesn’t consider this, Aditya shatters and takes his anger out on Zoya every time they meet. Zoya is meek and emotional to Aditya’s antagonistic demeanor, although she often argues returned. She turns into the new head of Yash’s event-control organisation. Aditya claims Yash’s commercial enterprise as his after discovering Pooja invested his cash into the enterprise, and announces Zoya his companion. Having to work collectively now, their ordinary banter lets in them to see distinctive facets of every different and recognize that they’re going via similar pain. it’s miles implied that Aditya’s father Harshvardhan and Zoya’s father Waseem recognise more approximately the coincidence than they are letting on.

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Zoya receives divorce papers already signed by Yash; they have been sent before Yash’s twist of fate and reached past due. unable to run from the reality anymore, Zoya attempts suicide but is stored through Aditya. Zoya and Aditya pretend to be married to gain a huge agreement from a own family-orientated organisation; the scenario brings the 2 to take care of every other.

Rajveer Khanna, as CBI inspector, enters their lives with a relentless starvation to place them behind bars. He believes that they’d been having an affair and are guilty for the murder of their spouses. He calls the click and frames the 2 as murderers who killed their spouses so that they might be unfastened to marry each different. Aditya’s father realizes that this complete issue is a large conspiracy but does now not know who is at the back of it. Aditya and Zoya stand through one another in their innocence. in the end, they may be proved innocent when Harshvardhan, a lawyer, takes the case and wins it. Rajveer is proved incorrect and is suspended, main him to plot revenge in opposition to the 2. Zoya tells Aditya that she can reopen the case and could prove that Yash has now not dedicated suicide. meanwhile Arjun gives the secret diary of Pooja to Zoya. After reading Pooja’s diary, Zoya breaks down. She additionally receives to recognise that Pooja became pregnant with Yash’s baby via Dr. Inayat.

Zoya has a breakdown after she gets to recognize approximately the information. Zoya goes to the Hooda residence with the being pregnant reports to tell Aditya approximately Pooja’s being pregnant.

Aditya and his father get Dr. Inayat arrested at the fees of man or woman assassination. not able to discover a manner, Zoya decides to withdraw the case and return to Mussorie along with her family. Sakshi Mathur, Pooja’s mother comes and takes her to the Hooda house. She says that even Adi changed into now not an ideal husband. Sakshi tells anyone that Pooja become as soon as pregnant with Adi’s infant; she had even tried to percentage this with Aditya but he had notion that she become joking. Pooja assumed that Aditya did not want a toddler in his existence and went to the clinic to get the child aborted.

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Aditya receives completely shattered after studying Pooja’s diary. On the following day Adi goes to the Justice of the Peace and Arjun calls Zoya to return to court. Adi eventually comes to a decision to forgive Pooja. Aditya gives Zoya the hoop that Yash had bought for Pooja however Zoya, inside the preliminary days had assumed it to be hers. each Adi and Zoya decide to forgive Yash and Pooja and flow on in their lives. Then they each bid farewell to each different and element methods.

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